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NiKo s1mple shox flusha krimz
ENCE vs Kinguin
Make a superteam
S1mple can play any of that positions... He can Lurk as T and support as CT, can be 2nd awper as CT and can be 2nd entry as T... Had you ever played on a team before?!? xD :*
m_rawinput UPDATE ?
I always use m_rawinput 1 to just avoid these annoyng updates that mess up with my game. With "1" I always know that my mouse will not be affected by any update or other similars, and i will always ha...
Best city in your country
Lisbon Very nice weather, good food and beaches, beautiful History and places (castles,cathedrals,convents), beautiful women and a lot of sunsets and night partys, nice and relaxed people As well as a...
Make a superteam
Gla1ve - igl Device - awp Rain - entry Krimz - support S1mple - lurker&support/2nd awp/2nd entry
Krimz twitter
Nice try baiting... ;)
G2 Disband ?
Was the first example to came up to my mind xD
G2 Disband ?
You touch one of the points again... xD If you said that and it's true, why don't they win tournments or even pass group stages? They don't have team chesmistry as they used to "why you want the 5 be...
G2 Disband ?
We understand... but the CS scene is constantly changing and it is very unstable (For example: That ideia could be the more "fit for the job" or the correct decision to make joining these 3 players a ...
G2 Disband ?
But you touched one of the points... that is, this team decreasing over time... How can they be or want to be called "French Super-Team" if they all are underperforming
G2 Disband ?
Don't be rude to others swedish fanboy... Like I just said, it's my opinion and every person has one. (kill them with kindness and bury them with a smile)
G2 Disband ?
+1 If i could i would give you +1234567890 xD
G2 Disband ?
It's not 100% that smithzz will join them, although why you would have a second or third awper(because shox is very capable and excellent both riffle and awp) and second igl, that's basically what smi...
G2 Disband ?
True, you have a point in that ;)