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I7-7700K FPS Issues
btw i heard that if u have set "fps_max" to 300, setting it to 350 could also improve your FPS, but i didnt check it myself, you may try if you want.
I7-7700K FPS Issues
- go to Steam/Steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/panorama/ - rename the folder called "videos" to something else, like "videos1", doesnt really matter - add the command "-novid" to ...
Astralis lul
Astralis throwing just to avoid Navi and Liquid in the playoffs.
Dota 2 TI vs CSGO Major
The prize pool of TI is also kinda killing the DOTA scene, as it makes other tournaments less important, because they cant match with TI in terms of the prize pool. Why would top teams care about othe...
Lol CSGO on twitter already posted about this like 10 minutes ago my friend.
EZ for Hasztasz paput multigaming professional amateur hacking group
Fifflaren deserves better
What is Italy most known for, in the world?
+ AC Milan best italian team in the history men)))
What is Italy most known for, in the world?
Football, food, mafia, italian disco, fashion and cars
Which football club do you support?
AC Milan Kill me pls
VP rebuild
ye wtf, why is everyone rating him so high. got to the major on the back of sunny and hs and that is his biggest achivement.
VP rebuild
tbh a team with Snatchie, Michu, Snax, Byali and maybe TOAO looks pretty decent on paper at least i would say
VP rebuild
byali could come back tho if -neo and -pasha as he said he wants them to leave or he will leave, vp decided to cut byali.
Poem for a girl.
Swiggity Swooty I'm Coming for That Booty
Lol i need 1 more point to get gold, having NaVi winning the major and Liquid beating Astralis. So basically 75% chance to get that point.