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+1 s1mple is the most mechanically skilled player of all time.. he really is a prodigy
Road to Mbappé of CS:GO - Highlights from a french boi who needs attention to feel good xd
nice fregs but mby not play vs noobs all time pls
C9 Fifth
y3s brax is unbanned brax can play so much yes he can play major yes so good yes very nice i hope he play c9 yes he will be good 5th yes
if c9 add Draken...
Every NA player will start a streaming career soon, shroud, skadoodle, n0thing already gone.. and soon there will be no more NA scene, just a csgo scene existing of only EU players.
Why are people racist?
We all come from tribe people, its in our dna to protect ourselves and fear the people who does not look like us. People that have different customs and culture, wear different type of clothes etc etc...
Pro with highest IQ?
Lol no team will pick you up if you straight up have bad gamesense but good aim, at a pro level you have to be very good at everything and maybe incredible at something. Unless you've played in a comp...
Pro with highest IQ?
Not super high iq is needed ofc but being a pro in any game requires you to see patterns, learn patterns, quick thinking, quick problem solving, reaction time.. the amount of information your brain c...
REZ's gf
this is nice men
REZ's gf
No wat? its urs m8 how u dont know?
REZ's gf
u dont recognize ur gf ?
Pro with highest IQ?
You have to have some sort of brain to be pro at cs or any game for that matter. Most pros are probably 110 + iq.
I support this guy go bolsonaro!
Yeah thats all fine, like do your thing i have nothing against that. But like you say when they do shit like that because obviously they feel like everyone should "accept" them as they are no matter h...
Your theory is most likely correct. They feel betrayed by their parents, they feel like they did something wrong to deserve that abuse or whatever it is that their parents did to them. They feel lost,...
French CS