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I guess of you're virgin and when did u lose it
18 born in russia but live in germany since im 1 year old Dima
I'm really fked up
take a shower, eat healthy today and drink water. Maybe go sleep if ur tired
GIRL [+18]
Exactly like aleksi told you, just give a fuck about her.
Workout music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIErld2DYbg i love songs like this while working out. dont know about you :)
My gf is 15 yo...
Nah brother i know the Maths. My age-2 is fine. Hope your gonna enjoy ur life too my ameriano friend. Get shredded you mirin bra.
My gf is 15 yo...
why u deny my happiness ? im so happy and u make me sad like im fucking so happy rn idk why but drugs are good and i enjoy life, maybe go try urself a 15 yo pussy then u know what i mean man! Enjoy li...
My gf is 15 yo...
Brötha i aint abdul im fucking fuckboy from sweedeenn
My gf is 15 yo...
Like i am almost 18 and my gf just turned 16 and i fucking love this girl and her pussyyy its just such a huge difference between 15 and like 19 year old girls i dont know their pussy just feels so fr...
My gf is 15 yo...
aint bad brother, younger means fresh pussy like 15 yo`s have good pussy and it tastes fresh and yummy like u can fuck it when ever you want to and its freeeeshshhshshsh so fuck your 15 yo girlfriend ...
Weirdest song u like?
I guess your dick size
17 1,88 Straight kazakh
girl question
I guess if u are virgin
17 2100 le
How is your day
Thanks dude, really appreciate it ! :)
How is your day
I know that she wants me :) we just have to get to know each other better. Gonna meet her in like 2 weeks and we'll talk what will be next. So life is good brotha