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My gf is 15 yo...
Nah brother i know the Maths. My age-2 is fine. Hope your gonna enjoy ur life too my ameriano friend. Get shredded you mirin bra.
My gf is 15 yo...
why u deny my happiness ? im so happy and u make me sad like im fucking so happy rn idk why but drugs are good and i enjoy life, maybe go try urself a 15 yo pussy then u know what i mean man! Enjoy li...
My gf is 15 yo...
Brötha i aint abdul im fucking fuckboy from sweedeenn
My gf is 15 yo...
Like i am almost 18 and my gf just turned 16 and i fucking love this girl and her pussyyy its just such a huge difference between 15 and like 19 year old girls i dont know their pussy just feels so fr...
My gf is 15 yo...
aint bad brother, younger means fresh pussy like 15 yo`s have good pussy and it tastes fresh and yummy like u can fuck it when ever you want to and its freeeeshshhshshsh so fuck your 15 yo girlfriend ...
Weirdest song u like?
I guess your dick size
17 1,88 Straight kazakh
girl question
I guess if u are virgin
17 2100 le
How is your day
Thanks dude, really appreciate it ! :)
How is your day
I know that she wants me :) we just have to get to know each other better. Gonna meet her in like 2 weeks and we'll talk what will be next. So life is good brotha
How is your day
Pretty Good been texting with my crush for some days and all is going rly well. Later gonna Smoke some weed with my homies and get high.
This guy obviously needs attention. Why u keep posting ur face and always want to get rated by fucking hltv ppl?
I''ll be 18 soon help me
Holy shit yea they arent making it easier tho
I''ll be 18 soon help me
Same problem my friend