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Got a haircut. (14+)
ur chance to get a boyfriend
Cloud9 Colossus
f? wtf but most likely theyll be a huge L, jsut like col, then suddenly theyll beat astralis and win a tournament somehow and everyone will be like ??
Cloud9 Colossus
yeah exactly, exact same situation as col rn, and to a degree og, but og kinda had big names put together so theyre more disappointing compared to col who literally just got dogshit players + blamef a...
Reasons to buy iPhone
nice reading skills bro, want me to send you some pics or vids u sad little upsidedownie
Reasons to buy iPhone
it is lmao, i work in an apple repair store and most of us laugh at the shit. easy as fuck and cheap to repair tho so they definitely have that going for them. 20e to buy a screen to replace for iphon...
testosterone blood test!
yeah and i agree with you, i rarely do but i just dont like it when some fucking moron misunderstands something then tries to act like hot shit by saying the same shit i said lmfao
testosterone blood test!
i dont give a fuck about testosterone lmfao. i probably have low as fuck testosterone but that doesn't mean i cant be a man or whatever. i have the correct mindset i need, so who tf cares about a numb...
testosterone blood test!
where the fuck do u see that u fucking mongoloid lmfao its literally a fact and that IS true, you can't deny it. where the fuck do you see that i blame the world????? take some english lessons so u c...
testosterone blood test!
????????????? victim???????? holy fuck ur reading comprehension skills are lacking. where the actual fuck do u see anything "victim" there. i literally just described it ok actually yeah, i am a vic...
testosterone blood test!
rofl nice bro, we wrote our replies at the exact same time and both are answers are basically : soyboy
testosterone blood test!
because the world has turned female favoured and men become less like men over time (hence why theres SO many disgusting reddit soyboy type guys) a change like that in the brain leads to a physical c...
Should a wife give her husband money?
i think he means like men USED to do (or sad little soyboys that use reddit nowadays) the kinds of moron guys who work while their wife does nothing/stay at home mother and the husband gives them mon...