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CR7 still best?
you should be able to answer his question if you think rugby players aren't one dimensional and their skill would transition into other sports. btw. cr7's skills, agility, overview, physicality etc w...
CR7 still best?
how is he a one-dimensional player?
CR7 still best?
one-dimensional soccer players? have you ever watched him play?
exec cfg for 1v1?
i always do the following exec gamemode_competitive mp_freezetime 0 mp_freearmor 1 mp_round_restartdelay 0 (or something like that, not sure how the command goes exactly)
cant grow beard
what is wrong with you, you're such a dick holy shit
punching your mom
you gotta be an asshole to punch your own mother
your PC and FPS you get
Thanks, I play different games as well, I noticed that with my current rig (gtx 970, i7 6700k) games like AC Odyssey for example don't run too well, and im probably going to buy more graphically inten...
your PC and FPS you get
hi, what rtx 2070 do you have and can you recommend it?
your PC and FPS you get
i7 6700k gtx 970 low @ 1280x960 300 fps
Couldn't care less, doesn't bother me at all if people are gay, strraight or anything else. What does bother me though is people pretending that being straight / heterosexual is not the "default" sex...
FalleN toxic tweet
glad i saw the movie, its a spoiler
Inheriting £340,000
buy a house, rent it, save the rest
worst mental illness
ocd, can confirm
Daily S1mple fans reality check
okay explain why its a braindead argument. esports not being a physical sport doesnt have to do anything with winnng the most prestigious tournament
Daily S1mple fans reality check
ronaldo and messi havent won a world cup either, but someone like giroud has stfu please