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sh1ro Na'Vi
-flamie +sh1ro
source 2 !?
That is because the guy who made it got the same notes from the Dota2 source2 release
source 2 !?
where's the link, an image can be forfeited
WTF mibr again
No problem on that, BR scene has a lot of talented new players which could form a decent team alongside the veterans But when will MIBR see that their problem is obviously within the core? No matter h...
Brazilians so delusional.
He's the 5th place, just behind art, kng, hen1 and.... tonione, which for sure is the best player of brazil. proof:
Don't even bother arguing with this loser, he's one of those guys who just support a team when it's winning We were there when LG/SK were destroying everyone so why shouldn't we still be there when th...
Who will win Rio MAJOR?
Dignitas will win the major, bookmark this #digwin
exactly, when will team owners understand that? having a decent igl is the main piece of any team
MIBR lol
yeah, actually i meant to write that it's mind blowing how a really talented guy like sergej can deliver so little when he's not on the right team so many wasted star players out there
MIBR lol
actually he needs a whole team at his side ENCE was doing really great when they had aleksib because everyone was doing their role, so when he left, the glue that held that team together was gone
MIBR HATERS ???????????????????????????????
MIBR FANS: when they win 1 match: OMG SUCK IT LOSERS MIBR IS BACK TOP #1 2020 when they lose 1 map: WHAT A DISGRACE IS THIS, DISBAND PLEASE man, they won just 1 match against the most unstable team a...
Yeah, of course it's an upgrade. But not every BR can afford the move and also is not easy to find a job abroad, since the competition is huge here, even for the intelligent ones.
that would explain
as the guy above said, not longer than 5 minutes this happen literally every single tuesday at almost the same time, how come you haven't noticed this yet?