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Liquid vs winner
el spankiko again
FURIA vs Natus Vincere
s1mple again..... this fucking guy
FaZe vs Liquid
+1 lol this guy is full of shit
Happy is underrated
fairly rated after 2015, he hasn't been relevant
most handsome cs go pros
if shox is 6/10, perfecto is 3/10...... objectively speaking, shox's facial features are way better than Perfecto. jawline, eye area, brow ridge, nose, smooth lips (not even a competition) and that's...
most handsome cs go pros
lmao what?? shox is easily a 9/10. jackzz is also handsome af
Zywoo is an absolute god
this is obvious bait lmfao
Vitality vs Natus Vincere
+1 xaxaxaxa pretty much
Vitality vs Natus Vincere
holy fuk everyone on NaVi with 20+ frags Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy....
stewie2k is destroying liquid?
proven trash xaxaxaxaxaxa
Team of the year
the whole consistent thing depends on how you look at it, i guess but for overall 2020, Ast is definitely the more consistent team imo
Team of the year
yeah ok i agree with that. but Ast has definitely been more consistent than Vita in 2020 without a doubt you have to take the whole year into perspective
Team of the year
fair but we are talking about 6 whole months where Vita didn't even make a single Top 4 at a Big Event. that's half a year of irrelevancy. big oof
Team of the year
vitality more consistent - no, they weren't. they made 1 final more than Ast but they are literally 2-4 in finals. Ast made 5 finals and is 4-1. Ast also more playoff finishes than Vita. Ast > Vita co...