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If you were a girl
Hmmm, perhaps he was attempting to make a joke about Germany's immigration policy, insinuating that you were in fact a middle eastern refugee rather than a native German citizen. However, due to the s...
tinder date
How chubby are we talking about here?
Would you date out of your race?
Probably. Depends on the person.
I'm not addicted to anything, because addiction implies that whatever you are addicted to is having a negative effect on your mental or physical health.
Trading nudes with 15 y/o
Well the rule is to take your age, cut it in half, and add 7, so your good.
I just won 500$ on blackjack haha
EU is sleeping now
Sleep is for the weak! In nature, the strong are the ones who can adapt to any situation, and Europeans are capable of adapting to even the most cleverest forms of trashtalk!
Freedom of Speech
What even is "hate speech"? Seems like an incredibly subjective term to me. I think it's a bit disingenuous to classify anything as hate speech since it's subject to so much bias.
Guy gets arrested stream sniping Stewie2k
I not clicking that mate
funniest joke of all time
i am not amuse
what have i done
This is the most relate-able thing I think I've ever heard in my entire life.
Well yeah, she's not particularly unattractive at the current moment in time though. A lot of people enjoy hating on her for some reason though.
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Thank you for the information my friend. That was incredibly informative!
Funny jokes thread
It is thou! Thou art the necromancer foretold by prophets of ages long past!