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Sprout vs GODSENT
oof thats rough
the Top 20 players 2020
lol you apparently dont know how the filters work on hltv but np, they have the same rating vs top5 teams
the Top 20 players 2020
if he plays like in this tournament for the rest of the year 100%
the Top 20 players 2020
its more important how they perform vs teams like Astralis, Heroic and BIG than vs teams like Spirit, ENCE, Godsent and Sprout
the Top 20 players 2020
the stat i linked is for 2020?
the Top 20 players 2020
top10 filter should be the default one to decide about top20 players.
Na Vi new #1
achievement wise top 5 are probably Astralis, BIG, NaVi, Furia, EG. Im really looking forward to the next BLAST event + global challenge will be epic
Sanji lmao
I enjoy Heroics/BIGs teamplay and all around skilled players much more than watching Navi/Vitality relying on zywoo and s1mple to show up and carry
syrson holy shit
My Ranking
BIG won 1 more Dreamhack open event on LAN early this year. Also achievement wise easily in the top3, idk what youre smoking
BIG vs FaZe
If big didnt lose round 2 every fucking time as usual, this map would have been over already...
BIG vs FaZe
I hope big will learn how to win a pistol round+ round 2 one day
Big on train
of course, they won the game in OT, T side can be hard without strats