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Italian AMA
RIP :( Garibaldi is sad when hes seeing Nizza in Frenchies hands.
Italian AMA
When you will retake Fiume, Nizza, Corsica, Malta and other territories from your neighbours?
Your national hero?
Roman Empire vs Ottoman Empire
Sassanid Empire
Greeks = Arabs
Mexico, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Colombia could make a big suprise. Poland could be like Czech team in 2004- i see some similarities between these teams. From majors i would love to see Belgium and Ar...
Most powerful country
Thx for reply. Good to see that there are still reasonable people on hltv. In terms of influence on western civilisation there is no doubt that Franks are winning(thoug some of ancient texst that had ...
Most powerful country
I agree that they have big influence and that they dominated the Western-Central Europe but if you look at VIII century, the Western Europe was just recovering from Migration Period(Carolingian Renais...
Most powerful country
I would replace Frankish Kingdom with Abbasid Caliphate, which was much stronger than Franks. From economic point of view the Western Europe in 800 AD was shithole. Like middle-east today. The true po...
Most powerful country
No offense bro but i dont think Russia is in TOP 5 anymore especially since the fall of the USSR.
NOREG vs Epsilon
EZ for NOREG. They have great potential. Hope they will join LGB (hype for best stickers in the next major).
your race?
Best logo...
LGB, Titan and MYM my fav top 3
Driving to Katowice
In Breslau you can visit zoo, one of the best in Poland and Europe. Maybe you will find some SK fans there xD.
NOREG #1 world
Yea i know hes weak now, but in LGB he was beast. Too bad that he wasted his talent.