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Good choice
How is ADR calculated?
Because it also counts the damage you've done in the second round. So if you did 0 in the second it will be 320+0 / 2 rounds
device vs NiKo
Not even comparable. Two completely different gamestyles: Device holding corners with awp (that's what he does), NiKo getting entries and frags all around the map
Tribute to The Golden Five
Yes I've just answered that above, thank you for the feedback :D
Tribute to The Golden Five
I know that the "Golden Five" name was actually used in 1.6. But the old VP lineup was usually compared to that one and called with that name :)
Forge vs Quantum Bellator Fire
[18+] Penis Curved
Or if you want more fun and less panorama Riccione
Sicily, the entire island ;)
niko vs coldzera
also report
niko vs coldzera
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Rate music please
First one not so bad, i mean it's okay but the second is really horrible tbh
Cristiano Ronaldo - The Greatest Of All Time
Yes Messi is surely better than Ronaldo :D And don't tell me that a bad tournament can happen to everyone because Messi everytime has to play for Argentina will almost be undetected on the pitch.
Cristiano Ronaldo - The Greatest Of All Time
I'm 17
Cristiano Ronaldo - The Greatest Of All Time
Yes I did sir, and i can tell without a single doubt that he is way better individually. Messi is a beast but he has a team around him that is playing for him and making plays for him. Maradona back i...