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Age start smoking ?
Was 13 when I started. I am now 23 and have just completed my first month without cigarettes.
Your salary in EURO
Sweden Customer Success 2500€/month
NRG are going to fall off hard.
Aint gonna be long before Stanislaw starts taking the AWP away from Cerq or puts Brehze in a shit role so they stop fragging.
Top 1 food from your country
Kebab eksde
Most beautiful place in your country
It looks like it in pictures, it doesn't compare to Norwegian fjords. But still, it is the only "real" fjord we have in Sweden, and it is really nice in real life. I need to visit Norway though so I ...
Most beautiful place in your country
Lysekil is a really nice city and it's by Gullmarsfjorden, the only real Fjord we have in Sweden.
rent (18+)
500€, 80 m². 2 Floors, 3 rooms and a porch
SK multiple lost bets
SK multiple lost bets
If you're stupid enough to bet on SK after just removing one of their most important pieces, redoing their system and starting to communicate using their secondary language when they are playing again...
let's count up to 1000000
Best BEER in YOUR country??
Np neighbour
Best BEER in YOUR country??
Karhu is amazing
We just hella salty, and massive cucks
Device will not be primary awper for Astralis
That is true yes. And that is what's stopping him from being better than f.e KennyS.
Device will not be primary awper for Astralis
Device is one of the best awpers in the game and by far the smartest awper. The way he gived his team map control with the awp is unlike any other awper + his ability to shut down the enemy awpers wit...