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s1mple unluko
s1mple is from Ukraine .. wtf
New team top 10?
golden hs allu friberg?? idk
Top 10 players from your country
Surreal and dephh?
god dev1ce is back boys
well dev1ce < s1mple dev1ce > kennys (most of the time) dev1ce > fallen
Steam sales
Steam sales
The Witcher 3 GOTY
Best match in CS:GO history
There are so many good matches but for me as Astralis fan it is ELEAGUE Major 2017 - VP vs Astralis I remember when i thought VP will win it but then Astralis started comeback and Lets go VP and Lets ...
Guardian can play on good level.. Guardian styko zero frozen montty
I hope they will do good.. HS seems like a nice guy
Twist is still 23 he has a lot of time, but yea he is insane
He said tier 1-2... they need to cut shahzam then we can talk add idk es3tag is benched or someone new in denmark, cut stanislaw and bring GODHUNDEN cajunb konfig gade GODHUNDEN -random danish boy
I dont get it.. konfig - good gade - lets see cajunb - good shahzam - they have allu like cmon stanislaw - IGL good I like this roster but allu should be AWP in that team
Top 5.
well "top form" I think device wasnt in his top form for half a year.. but now dupreeh is main AWPer, devve is again hybrid. I am looking forward to this year
Top 5.
1. cold - 100% 2. niko - 100% 3. fer***/rain 4. rain**/fer 5. device* *maybe if he played EPL, BPS and ECS with good performace top 4 is possible **he is fucking beast but look at how many events SK ...
SERGEJ ?! ?!?!? !?!??!?! !??!?!?!? !?!??!?!?! ?!?!?!?!
Finn crying :D WTF man