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Most boring major
Lanxess arena > columbus shit. the crowd wont try to ghost for their home team like they did in columbus, and we wont hear frequently stupid USA chants. gonna be enjoyable. neutral crowd = best cro...
Inferno Middle AK-47 Snipe
dunno if this is a good way to start, building up a bullshitting hatercommunity right from the beginning lol.
F3 to win over SK
they played very very well today. the biggest pressure is behind them with being legend now, i hope they can do some damage tomorrow
Inferno Middle AK-47 Snipe
1 like 100 dislikes, good job lol
Happy caught cheating. For real.
pls explain then what a "random spot cheat" is. this scene howerver, can be coincidence easy tbh
Flipsid3 S1mple
b1ad3 has proven he can be as succesful without s1mple. i dont think they would take him. probably hellraisers but i doubt it.
Happy caught cheating. For real.
he doesnt even move his crosshair, hes just going to the left, and if hes moving almost parallel to his opponent like he did in this scene, it can look like this. same with this famous scene of niko o...
Why Brazil hate on hltv?
because most of hltv`s "brazilians" arent even brazilians and trying to be as annoying as possible. they are ofc naturally hot tempered too, which causes annoying CAPSLOCK spamming sometimes
Happy caught cheating. For real.
do you really think that lan cheats, if they even exist, work like this? Free google-cheats could do the same, locking onto models. we have seen so many scenes with "aimlocks". this is not more obv th...
Happy caught cheating. For real.
wtf, happy thought the balcony player jumped into pit thats all
2 bo1 equal to 1 bo3
how can you write with fat letters lol
Brazilian Sport's Channel to stream ESL ONE CoLogne
Brazilian Sport's Channel to stream ESL ONE CoLogne
is this free tv or something like sky?
i think we have discussed this enough already. has nothing to do with "not being educated". Its just a clean view on facts. but pls; dont start from the beginning. sometimes, persons can just have dif...
yes we came to the same end. as i said right at the beginning; lucky win, the better team lost, but thats sport. now i am cheering for united africa as u can see at my flag btw, i think portugual dese...