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wtf with major winners
Once you win a major, the expectations for your team skyrocket. C9 was content with all the play-offs finishes prior to the major but afterwards play-off finishes weren't good enough. It became win or...
If Cloud9 didn't let Stewie2K go..
I'm disappointed c9 never kicked ska once that lineup started to go stale after the major. If they could have brought in cerq or nifty, I would have loved to see what the team could of done. Ska was t...
thorin was right
why is the cs scene so fucking soft?
but thooorin isnt wrong
I get thorin is an easy target to meme and that some of his tweets are a bit funny in hindsight but people are so disingenuous when they call him out on his "wrong predicitions". In this case, what he...
-ska +lowel & Mixwell
1. S1mple 2. Niko 3. Guardian 4. Device 5. Sunny Honorable Mentions: Elige, Naf, Oskar, Magisk
Cloud9 stupidity
C9 were probably going to get nbk but since nV disbanded, nbk will probably join the team that forms from that instead
Daily CTRL + V thread
Drunk for the first time AMA
say goodbye to heaven pal
Your one and only Nickname to rate
Avocado Man 47
CS or hockey final tonight?
NHL fans come here
well as a philly fan, i had no problems with that.
NHL fans come here
as a flyers fan im pretty neutral on who wins it, but fleury deserves it more than anyone with how he's playing right now. Vegas or Washington would be my picks. Hoping USA beats Sweden tomorrow thoug...
ENCE xseven vac
i like that overlay
I rate your favorite song