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turkey offically dead country
Fuck this country its dead before i graduate school couldnt even survive till 2023
dating a black girl
Bru sects matter in all religions my family would respect my opinions even though they get sad when i say i dont Muslim anymore and i dont think ur kid religion will cause problem if you and ur gf acc...
Which language do you hate the most?
African countries local language
dating a black girl
Hey ur kid can choose religion but cant choose color they different and its ok to date muslim girl since she doesnt wear hijab imo
who will win Major?
I believe for Mibr
Woxic was sick he needed to rest in hospital couple days ago so maybe he will come back stronger for major
Xyp9x Sunny Krimz Jks Felps Xizt Calyx Paz Apex
Top 5 Awpers
Yeah you are right he needs to make them a team first
Top 5 Awpers
I forgot to put Fallen omg
s1mple > device
Oskar rekt them all easy
If he would perform good in 2nd and 3rd map either ChrisJ or Ropz was gonna perform bad so they changed roles he let his team carry
top5 worst aimers
1-Blade 2-Sixer 3-Gob b 4-Taz 5-Seized
Also they dont educated so all they can speak is Europe fears us Erdogan is best in English
Not fucking like him he just has stupid goatfker voters who dont read anything just make 5-10babies per family and when 1 iq retard person single vote is being counted same with the educated 100iq per...
S1mple most kills are eco frag but Oskar does have higher hitting rate in critical rounds while S1mple gets excited and does make mistakes