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Lobanjica come here
is he still alive? thought was dead for heart attack coz steroids. guys don't follow him. unhealty person, negative example HE IS FULL OF SHIT STEROID
Liquid 3 map
MOSES IS A FRAUD like his friend, janko. those analyst, who imagine themselves as tactical geniuses, are overrated AF. next is spunj.
obo = snake
jason lake fault, imo. "forcing" an acne face little kid to go live in an other continent with unknown people. what do you expect
twitch seriously??
and then they ban legit streamers, REAL CONTENT CREATORS, for some inappropriate words. FUCK YOU TWITCH, the most hypocritical platform we have right now.
Cant sleep
end? they never started. if there's an oscar for worst-pro-team of the last 2 years it's a head to head between MIBR and FAZE. and I still vote for MIBR. as fnx said, they destroyed the image of a l...
hugo and harry
personal taste. I love their casting. still better than washed up anders.
Gen.G FalleN
the brazilians better retire. they are a living meme. trash, outdated, washed up and toxic. enjoy official retirement.
ZywOo best
worst #1 hltv player in history. cs 1.6 included. seems really good in youtube highlights and frag movies tho, but that's another story.
NiKo tweet
coldzera fault. he's a toxic person and he's destroying the team spirit
I have Covid-19
outside there is a civil war at least you are lucky with the timing. better stay home quarantined. get well.
rlewis lol
FLUSHA WAS A BLATANT CHEATER. that's 100% accurate.
Danish cs
gla1ve device dupreeh magisk bubz or xyp
CIS = fluke region?
everyone fluking apart from goat ASTRALIS
too much steroids. will have a heart attack by the end of 2021