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son to dad: “dad what does it mean “low IQ people”?” dad: “oh boy, just open hltv and check the forum: tou will see people who consider astralis a lucky team. those guys are the low IQ people, ELITE...
Astralis vs fnatic
go watch dupreeh 1vs3, then come back here and talk me again about luck. bad whiners cockroaches. bad t side overall for both teams
frankie, the biggest beta?
I'd bang not gonna lie
frankie, the biggest beta?
don't expect anything different from cats eater
frankie, the biggest beta?
ofc, but it's an extra service and you pay for it. normal delivery doesn't work like that. in frankie case for sure it wasn't included. she expects special treatment only because she's a pretty face?
frankie, the biggest beta?
their job is to deliver, not to place stuff in your house. after delivery, it's your problem ladislav cyka frankie. if delivery company spend their time to enter in customers houses they will go bank...
How to accept the fact that i’m ugly?
you think kurdi are terrorists. ez brainwashing by ladislav cyka erdogan
romanians come here
nice throw yesterday gipsies that goal in injury time from norway cost you euro2020. nt.
Favorite female celebrity?
ladislav cyka kovac
Life is too short
life iss too short to even care at all oh oh
How to accept the fact that i’m ugly?
don't worry.. things can be worse .. not so bad being ugly, imagine if you are a brainwashed turkish. oh wait :(
How to find girls on their own?
girls in 2019 wtf mens
NAVI Language
ladislav cyka kovac
it's germany that is south denmark, , not the other way
cant sleep
too much fapping. try to decrease.