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Virgins in HLTV top 10 teams (18+)
respect to virgins.
"dickriding" lul
I am going to war :(
just bait your team mates like coldzera did for his entire career and you will survive, everything fine
LIquid most unlikeable team?
100% agree with the author. liquid at the moment is a blablablabla team. "title contender" here and there. "top3 team for sure" "amazing lineup" "they play beautiful structured cs, astralis-like" t...
respeto para el david moyes de counter-strike!
Bohemian Rapsody
amazing song, 9/10. thanks mr.mercury
R8 ma BR city
what about the fauna? like snakes and dangerous animals?
Iem Chicago team prediction
MIBR will do well, semis at least
G2 final fix
irrilevant team, born with no future from the beginning. shox is stealing money from ocelot and the org. genius, made them believe he can build a tier1 team lulmao with semi-pro skill players
device vs NiKo/s1mple
if we talk about raw skill, there are at least 10 players better than device. but for a csgo pro player raw skill is a minimun part. there are other components. like positioning, decision making, tea...
Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
flusha too scared after forsaken story. he decided to play without external helps, that's the result.
even with coldzera dropping 30+ bombs they can't beat astralis ul NT, maybe next time ;)
Chinese come here
they eat dogs and cats, just pay attention during lunch and dinner.
twitch porn XD
your problem, muhammad bin svensson
twitch porn XD
to me, muslims are all irrilevant. they can be rich af, I don't care.. they are non-existent to me. thanks for attention