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S1mple: Na is suck without me
Zeus stable? He is roaring at his teammates if something isn't on point. i'd think that if Na'Vi kicked one of their players out, and got starix in as a full time IGL, he'd make one of the best teams ...
Top 5 Movies
My personal favorites: 1/2. Law Abiding Citizen 1/2. Gladiator 3. Lord of the Rings 4. The Green Mile 5. Intouchables
"females are bad"
Need a hug, sis?
[ACE][CLUTCH] wild 1v5 :)
An official from a tier1 NA team will contact you soon for an offer to join one of the major teams. That backstab was insane.
no frenchfries from norway during the viking era. they boiled it in oil and chopped it with axes.. Nt bro.
Who can beat SK
NiP VP Na'Vi G2 GODsent This is the guys that can beat SK in a BO3. It's not likely, but they are all capable of doing so.
Dream team from your country?
NORWAY: Rain Jkaem Rubino Skurk Mystic
maikelele or pyth
+1! But I think that both Friberg and Xizt did very well in the finals vs G2. On cache Friberg had full Control on B, and Xizt had a few rounds where he shut all down.
I'd say shox, f0rest, gtr, flusha and coldzera are among the best. They are consistantly putting down numbers carrying. I could also mention NiKo and FalleN.
+1 nice bait gypsy.
Top 20 HLTV 2016
I don't understand what Bodyy is doing on that list though.
Height question?
This test is shit. Read the post you gave out.
1.6. is a far better game than CS:GO. It's better constructed, more skillbased and harder to play because it requires more teamplay to do boosts. The flashbang is more powerful, the smoke is less powe...
New Fnatic ,top 5 inc
Well, why wouldn't it?
Whats your rank and hours? Mm,faceit and esea
2200 hours B+ 1550 ELO Global Elite