biggest onliner eu, i hope some day i get hall of fame spot with joelz, ayken, xenn and dukiii <33333
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Using Adderall AMA
Nah bro youre wrong. I've had concerta, Elvanse and Elvanse for 2-3 years. Amphetamine and these pills doesnt kill your boner at all dude, it's just your SSRI's
Using Adderall AMA
Yea I definitely agree on that, but only when you take the pills. It feels weird af in the stomach for me, but thats only when I take the pills, snorting it doesnt give the same feeling
Using Adderall AMA
Are you retarded? You probably take anti depressive and think that adhd medicine kills your boner? Like people on amphetamine can have a boner for hours
Using Adderall AMA
What do you mean by "those usual drugs"? Weed and alcohol are the most common drugs, and adhd medicines are definitely nothing like weed and alcohol.
Kyerbye 100% cheating
2.43 isnt high sense lol. It's like average or just a bit above average.
Hmmm Sweden probably gave your father, uncle and grandfather jobs that werent $5 / hour. so many polacks talk shit about Sweden but forget that most of their relatives went to work in Sweden
SWEDEN is mentioned among other fake news. Some examples of their articles : ”A former CIA Agent on his deathbed reveals what...
Lol sick source, Quick Google search and it is just a troll site
Countries with no scene?
Well, let's take me for an example. I have a mom from chile, who is white, and doesn't look like she's from Chile, but she lived there until she was 24 years old and then moved to sweden. I look s...
Countries with no scene?
Doubt anyone wants to be friends with proud americans like you who look down on every other country..
Countries with no scene?
Yes calm down go eat some cheeseburgers and shoot up some schools now
Countries with no scene?
Born and raised in Germany, just serbian parents, am I retarded if I consider him german?
It was a swedish meme first, someone wrote "Joel kom skype" which means "come Skype Joel"
Trump is great
What the fuck are you talking about? Dö you not understand english? I said that if people are talking about sharia laws implementoon world wide, and if they are talking about Allah all the time and...
Bro you're the biggest nerd who spends all day shitposting on HLTV, nice life you have there..