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They won a dreamhack event with Tier2 EU teams about 6 months ago
I'll bet my fucking dingo they'll smash the ugly cunts YEAH THE BOYSSS
RNG Jaywalkingz
Word on the street NAF is t0xic af, Renegades recently kicked rickeh for that reason alone, it seems to be that they appreciate chemistry more than skill, so i doubt theyll take the risk to pick him u...
BnTeT best player
I guess youre right but the players and kassad have been saying the team is developing from scratch, new maps/strats etc. changing the line up would be a huge sacrifice to the team growth. Perhaps 4-5...
BnTeT best player
Theyre definitely going to give nexa much more of a chance to develop as a player before they even consider changing the line up. Renegades are having good success with him and I doubt they will kick ...
NA crowd
The NA crowds always get those plastic clapper things because they dont have a clue how to be loud. BR crowd > AU crowd> EU crowd > NA crowd > Asia crowd
Renegades vs TYLOO
I think i shat myself 2 to 3 times in the final map. THANK FCK they closed it out. gg wp, aussies r proud (:
Immunity vs TYLOO
I bet youre laughing now xD
Immunity vs TYLOO
I thought the odds actually favored immunity ez $3.50
Immunity vs TYLOO
Tylul will ban overpass for sure
Renegades vs Immunity
New JKS account picture WutFace
i r8 how pretty your city is
Perth, Australia
NIP leaked
thats not there new roster. I found the actual line up it took many hours digging through there database but i found a loophole that is the true one 100% not click bait.
NIP leaked
would u like to share with us your loophole