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Sylyx vs Dynasty
the classic fake comeback
INDE IRAE vs Trasko
f0rest goated?
he left himself, if u gonna search for stats in 2019 u gonna find that he was their best/2nd best player vs t1 opposition
fnatic Rising vs BIG Academy
ofc proebut, i eto budet 3y
Finest vs GORILLAZ
still there is no better bet than u did, win or lose post factum is not important when it's logical
Finest vs GORILLAZ
very nice odds u got on a guaranteed win, congratz
BIG vs Copenhagen Flames
??? its not even their best map?)))
star player like ropz
f0rest fanboys
>"He has done nothing on LAN" >Literally best/2nd best LAN performer of NiP in 2019 when LAN's were still a thing. >First LAN in almost 2 years with below average performance = f0rest overrated. You a...
JW - IGL JW - AWP JW - Entry JW - Second Entry/Second AWP JW - Support Ez 5 majors in a row then successful VALORANT career.
Chose pro nickname
weapon changes
your teammates wont drop nades to you every round and right now there is now point for sg to cost more than ak while being worse almost at everything
weapon changes
SG553/AUG - Bring back old fire rate, price up to 3300$/3500$. Better the price of a weapon will match its power than staying worse than AK and costing more. Also it allows you to choose between havin...
Entropiq vs Eternal Fire
Both dropped in form, but Entro not so hard