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Stop saying Zieewoo
Smaller streams covering open qualifiers and such. Dont really know their names anymore.
Stop saying Zieewoo
I heard a few lower tier casters call him that way.
What is the speed of interent at your countries?
ah ok. I thought I was missing out on something, because I'm paying 40€ for 200Mbit. Also with Vodafone, in RLP.
What is the speed of interent at your countries?
provider and region?
What is the speed of interent at your countries?
200Mbit down, 12Mbit up, 40€
Astralis Millionaires ?
6 years and still stupid gameplay
Played that too. It has a really nice atmosphere, especially while playing from a bed, on TV with a controller. Have fun with that. ;)
6 years and still stupid gameplay
Yes, thats why I said, I understand your point. If you were to make guns 100% accurate at all times and change nothing else it would definitely not work out. Just wanted to point out that this senten...
6 years and still stupid gameplay
"If the enemy can run in circles while still able to consistently shoot at one point, that's not sport-worthy," I understand your point, but do you think that Quake has not been and is not "sport-wor...
M4A1-S vs M4A4
IMO, SG > AK, but only slightly, close to equal, because both have their own up and downsides. SG >= AK > M4A4 > AUG > M4A1
f0rsaken breaks silence after cheating scandal
Downloaded a .rar to a tournament pc from a filesharing website. ok then.
People good with cars come here
You wont get mold out if it is inside everything. I dont know what are the seats? Leather or fabric? If its fabric you might need to change the seats. In general, sitting around for a long time isnt ...
tec9 or cz
If you have crisp aim, tec-9 is a nice weapon. You always get that first headshot, then you die. Perfect for boosting your ADR and feeling great. It's also perfect if you like to yell "10hp! 10hp! om...
a1s buff suggestion
So... basically what AUG does. 1 hit kill at point blank. Still, no one is using it.
1v5 at 15-14
changing your desktop resolution to your ingame resolution while you play also lets you alt tab faster