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C9 stupid?
It's certainly easier to negotiate with a team whose player is benched than with a team whose player is one of the star players. Especially if you consider that NRG is a rising team, while FNC is pret...
Nip robbed of 5 major title
I would agree, but since LDLC used some bug too, it would be more fair to re-play the whole map I think.
Nip robbed of 5 major title
Well, if there were competent admins, or there was some correct ruling, you could say that. Thorin has a video about it, and he adds some caveats to the match, which I didn't know about before. Few ex...
Nip robbed of 5 major title
Yeah LDLC showed them that in the following 18 months in which they could never beat them.
Nip robbed of 5 major title
Nope, just Cologne 2014 and DH 2014
Is Astralis boring
idk, I could watch mibr getting stomped 16-0 all day.
Nip robbed of 5 major title
Same goes for mid 2016, but no one seems to care...
Nip robbed of 5 major title
If cobble wasn't added to the pool, they would've lost probably even in quarters. Also they could've lost to C9 in semis if it wasn't for Freyborg's last second CZ kill. You can also add that Dreamha...
skin betting
This came to mind when I saw the title:
They try to prove that this system is shit, which it is
Wipe out 1 country
You have a point.
PGL > Faceit
Faceit messed up a lot of things even before the major started
I wonder if you said the same when Fallen was hitting all those BS shots in 2016.
Cloud 9 need to go back to USA/Canadian Immediately!
It was a topic in counter-points ep. 52. The only reason why anyone from NRG would go to C9 would be the money, but NRG players earn really-really well (especially considering that they were almost no...
Don't know where I saw it, but yes, it's from the internet. Haven't used 9gag in about 2 years though.