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Don't know where I saw it, but yes, it's from the internet. Haven't used 9gag in about 2 years though.
Football players pretend they're hurt, hockey players pretend they aren't.
PC Help | Worth it?
A lot of people think RAMs work like CPUs. I would even wager that most of the 3000+ guys have theirs limited to 2133 due to BIOS settings.
Discord or TS?
I like this guy
Do you enjoy MM?
I think both MM and 3rd party stuff depend mostly on your teammates. If they're good, the rest matters little, unless you're trying to become a pro.
But if you're going for a 1060 you might need a bigger PSU as well. Shouldn't be a problem for 450, but I think it's better to be safe than sorry. 500W+ should definitely be enough.
Best dnb songs
The royal wedding...does anyone care
Does that beat a royal flush?
csgo pc build - 1200$
Even a 3gb version is better than a 1050 ti, so shouldn't matter. If you have the budget, go for a 6GB version, that should be fine for you for a few years.
csgo pc build - 1200$
The absolute very minimum should be a 1050ti for a new build. 1060 would be the real choice.
I rate your config
Never, ever advise anyone to increase their sensitivity.
headset experts come here
Go for a Creative Sound Blasterx H5 (only 60€ atm on, and if you want any real quality, you'll have to buy a soundcard as well. Even the cheapest (30$) ones are 10x as good as the motherboa...
Underrated comment. I wish it was him instead of bodyy in Shox's team :/
That's probably the reason why pretty much all analysts say that this Astralis is probably the best team that ever played CS. Everyone must be wrong, but you.
s1mple kennys docc many others pros cheating
Just watch the vid.