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Actually there will be. Zipping and unzipping files goes a lot faster on AMD, and I'm also pretty sure moving files happens faster under AMD as well. You won't notice the 5 fps difference, but you wil...
Bye, bye Silvers
Says the Fallen fan...
What do you mean by so called?
best rankings ?
During online season none of them will be accurate. In LAN time, Thorin's is pretty good, focuses on series win against other good teams as well as top finishes, so a team that is consistent, but not ...
mouz rebuild again
Yeah and Faze is a lot better since he left too and mouz was winning events before he joined. oh wait.
how did i get ip banned?
Yeah some countries have dynamic IPs and you can get one that was on a banned account's. I just cut the power to my modem for like a minute and after that I got a new IP and was free again. ps: I was ...
No one actually got the whole SA skip on the retail or steam version, so you were only half correct. Although it's very likely that it could be achieved, just no one figured it out yet.
Who is the NA GOAT?
Deserves it more than half of the list.
Input Lag
I have a very expensive bag of shit, you're sure to be interested in.
People with your logic make him think that the world revolves around him, and he's getting closer and closer to being right about it. The issue is not that Thorin can see that, but it's that any rando...
Hikaru Nakamura
Caruana is probably better in regular, but it's close.
[18+] Nerf AK47
AK also has rng, so what's your point?