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I'm 1.82 tall and 130kg
New PC - please rate it!
Sad thing is I wanted to buy some before the ryzen 3 announcement, but passed. Of course it went up like a mofo after that.
New PC - please rate it!
turn your calendar a few pages and check again. Also you might want to google the stock prices for AMD for the past few months
New PC - please rate it!
I got a ferrari aventador gt-r M3 SL AMG black series, please rate it! Tell me I matter!
Greta Thundberg and Climate Change
[+18] What I hate about rightists
How does that answer my question? I asked, what happens if everyone just takes your pill and stops having children in your country?
[+18] What I hate about rightists
I read it, but found no answer.
[+18] What I hate about rightists
Let's just imagine that the whole country turns into leftists and no one makes any children. What's the next move?
This tastes so good
If it has any sort of sugar/sweetener in it, then it ain't coffee.
world War 3 when?
Why does the NYT say 'Support independent journalism.'?
Liquid 4 Man Core
I got you, what I'm saying is that if he goes after a story and finds nothing, while others report it as it will surely happen, it smells like a bait.
US state tier list
SF is literally full of shit, and medieval diseases like leprosy are coming back there all over California
Is it worth grinding matchmaking for a respectable rank?
I'd say DMG is closer to a realistic soloQ goal if you're just a good player. I live closer to the you know what region though...
ZywOo is just incredible
+1 Imagine this logic: Messi this year only scored 5 goals every game instead of 6, so now he's overtaken as the best scorer by John Doe who scores 2 goals a game.
No fnx no major
0/8 NiP, Fnatic, Astralis, VP, NV, C9, Gambit all won majors without fnx.