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Rainbow Six Siege is better than CSGO
"The devs have said openly multiple times that they design the operators and their abilities in such a way that they cause as big of changes as possibly so and they have been quite successful at that....
Recommend single player games
I hesitated a lot to try it, but it instantly became a top3 singleplayer game for me. You have to be into the looting game though.
rain HYPER underated
I would say he's overhyped, not overrated. He's super good at his role, and very few players could do what he does consistently. The overhype comes from his overperformance at the end of last year. He...
Best cs go map
I'm a rifler and I like train too. Definitely top3 map for me
Keyboards nowdays!
Hyperx alloy and corsair k70 are probably the 2 most popular ones. If you're looking for something cheaper, ducky has some pretty good ones for the price.
Liquid adreN
Not the same, adreN actually is a smart player, who was a pretty good IGL, just terrible fragger. Coaching should fit him well tbh, though I don't expect him to change the world of liquid
Astralis goat?
That would be true if astralis was like liquid (ie not winning anything but getting a lot top2s, top4s), but astralis was pretty much always a candidate for winning a big tournament.
We're fucked for many other reasons, that's why birthrates are crap.
Check out Rocket Jump Ninja's YT channel, he tests a ton of mice, and gives you advice on how to choose. He's a reliable source imo.
Yes, but that also means, if you like Heineken, you're not really qualified to recommend beer to other people, because what you recommend doesn't taste like beer.
Heineken just tastes like piss. If you prefer it over other brands, that just means you don't like the qualities beer has to offer.
1st World 2nd World and 3rd World List
came here to see a fellow Hungarian telling people it's stupid
Oh Gods of PCs, help the mortal!
ATX is pretty much the standard. I wouldn't say it's large, the mATX is small instead. The PCI slots are close to each other and since gragphics cards have a big ass cooler, you might not be able to u...
Oh Gods of PCs, help the mortal!
You don't really need memory above 2400, the performance difference is very small. Latency is probably more important. But, if you have the money just go for it. Also, can you explain the reasoning b...
Your PC's
It's been getting better since the spring here at least. Not as good as 2 years ago, but still better than at the end of last year for sure.