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IQ of brazilians on twitter?
IQ of brazilians on twitter?
I know. Fnatic is British. Do we say Britain won a major? NO
IQ of brazilians on twitter?
"majors ? hahaha brazil 2 vs germany 0" there is not a single german in mouz lineup LUL
BIG vs Sprout
tabsen isn't even playing with awp anymore, its denis now, idk if they kicked smooya or he left himself, it should have never happened
MIBR vs North
14-3 > 23-25 LUL
{18+} r8 girl
what do you expect her ass to be like? kim kardashian type? you can tell by the curvers that she has a small ass. if you cant you are actually retarded
{18+} r8 girl
face 2/10 boobs 8/10 ass 3/10 would put something on her face and start banging
Astralis vs MIBR
what did just happen
-nex + some tier 3 awper
I answer all questions
Thanks man. I'll take everything you said into consideration and make a decision. Hopefully a good one.
I answer all questions
Yeah that makes more sense, thank you.
I answer all questions
The common jobs are food service, housekeeping, lifeguard etc. So all of them are low tier jobs I assume. In the program I get to choose where to go, they usually don't recommend going to California b...
I answer all questions
Okay so here is how the program works. Here in my country, you work with a local company (which has connections in USA). You go through the details with the company, you get visa and stuff. And after ...