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Muricans come in
FaZe vs fnatic
zhuzhu ohhh
China come
How can you France have 40 millions people and still fucking surrendered to Germany in only six weeks at WWII ? Doesn't make any sense TOOOOOOOOOOO.
WTF why expose him
OG Laugh thread
Remember to up this thread tomorrow because they will lose again to Faze
China Explain
Doctor Li Wenliang, story about him is true. My goverment truly did something wrong and we will never fotget him.
China Explain
Believe or not,that Chinese link is a statement on the official web of the testkit provider. For the real infected num, first we have 1.4 billion total population, I know its hard for you to trust onl...
China Explain
I have to emphasize where the virus origins from is controversial. You could say that China was the first country where the virus concentrated outbroke, but can't blame all the mistakes to us. The ori...
local Chinese answer any question about china
Russian girls are beautiful :D
China corona over 1Million
Dude I know what you mean. You may think that 8 thousand cases is impossible compared with 1.4 billion total population, but in fact large-scale explosive cases only happen in Hubei Province (60 milli...
China corona over 1Million
97k deaths 1.21 million cases loooooooooooooool Seriously guys u all believe this shit?This made me realize how dumb hltv user really were
China Explain
Because not necessary we can study online
China Explain
Not really, we still have dozens of imported cases these days. People can go out to work, traffic control is gradually liberalized, but the school is basically not open, and people are required to avo...