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ur immigration laws
There is a button share, and you can select start at and it will automatically direct you to the 2:56..?
Is he that guy from Netherlands? Ye boy, it's him.
PKK/YPG kurd
Does it change the fact that you are? No? You turks are fucking dumb as hell.
tea or coffee or ...
But I drink coffee without sugar :(
Paying for a girl
Seems like you are afraid to tell the cashier that you are splitting the bill :D So you pay it :D PATHETIC MALE
Turkey will never be in EU
I thought Turkey was against annexation of Crimea x), guess not
Turkish Military Operation (ALL COME HERE)
I in love with the fact "There are 15 million kurds in Turkey". "Oooh, I have few friends at strangers party, Oh well, I must be invited".
Funny to say that. For your knowledge Turkey did not kill any civilians? :D It is inevitable to kill innocent with artillery being used atm.
Greta haters come
Powerful :D Poor kid is being used to manipulate people into guilt. You saw #52 video, everything she said was scripted.
As I said learn what SOHR is. And here we go again.
I don't watch them? Why the fuck I have to see people being killed?
You only read Turkish news, don't you? Strange how everything is being blamed on Kurds , not fishy at all.
Videos of Turkey shooting innocent would not be released anyways. And time to learn what SOHR is.
Turkey-Situation btw how is things going with shooting americans? Wanna end the world with this war?
don't do drugs
he went to jail and become a real man, 200iq