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Imperial worst org
To be fair, Loba move was the right call, it was primarily to keep their image and it wasn't like he was playing good with them anyway. Not saying K/D is all that important, but in general, he just do...
Anyone else notice that Niko is putting weight back on?
Stress eating :D
Anyone else notice that Niko is putting weight back on?
It is most likely stress, I would be stressed as hell too if I had this kind of line-up yet constantly been struggling to show its worth.
Honestly, they are already guaranteed a top spot, they're making it through whether they win or lose their remaining games, doubt they're taking these last few matches all that seriously but even if t...
Oh, the stream is on facebook? No wonder the stream kept freezing over and over again for me.
top 20 2018 (January-September)
I wished KriMz could be higher but he had a short stint where under the lead of Golden, they looked good for a few months, after Golden was removed and even somehow before that, KrimZ has honestly dro...
top 20 2018 (January-September)
Cuz they haven't really done anything after the major at the start of the year, no real wins, no outstanding performances etc..
Honestly, I can definitely see how Train is T sided at times, unless you have someone that can truly anchor the B site on CT side, then Ts can just run away with things on the A site, it is crazy how ...
Who is?
At least at this rate, NiP are just letting so many opportunities pass them by.
Who is?
Well enough that they seem to just about make it to the playoffs of the major at least.
Who is?
I believe Fallen wanted to find himself (aim etc...) again, so Cold took over except for certain maps that I'm not quite sure about in which Fallen takes over. As for right now, I still think Cold is ...
homophobes are mentally ill
While I think homosexuality is just fine while I also think Gender dysphoria people are definitely mentally ill, etc... but I don't really mind, the only thing that I'm truly disliking about this new...
Free BnTeT and xccurate
Honestly, the players that Tyloo consists of, have a lot of talent and potential, the issue lies in communication and there are multiple languages amongst the team that must be covered, the actual sk...
MAJOR DAY 4th Predicts
He played great and received the MVP how many months ago again?
MAJOR DAY 4th Predicts
BiG < HR (Questionable) Vega Squadron < NiP (Questionable) Tyloo < FaZe (Questionable) NaVi > Fnatic (No Questions about it, Fnatic are ass) G2 > C9 (C9 needs more firepower, Golden is the IGL they've...