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Combat Arms
Quarantine Mode was my shit, my movement was just so clean, always ran pep around the entire game, didn't spend a dime on it too except getting the lobby moderator rank so I could host etc.., P2W asp...
gyms closed VERY BIG PROBLEM
it's do-able, just be careful mate, cheers!
gyms closed VERY BIG PROBLEM
There are a lot of bodyweight exercises that'll keep you in the clear, just because you can't go to the gym doesn't mean you can't keep your body where it's at from home.
Uni students come
Virginia Virginia, VSU Last year of Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Animal Science Advisor/Professor for the concentration/Animal courses works with you, tries to teach you the best possible in the time yo...
woxic REKT thorin
Learned his lesson and that is it, mission accomplished, attitude or not, people gotta learn. I suppose his attitude is a bit uncalled for but at the end of the day, w0xic's amateurism delayed the mat...
woxic REKT thorin
Like the "fuck outta here" at the end was unnecessary but beyond that point, I don't see anything that doesn't properly get the point across.
woxic REKT thorin
Not much aggression, in my opinion, he's just hammering the point through X person's skull, he did a great job at showcasing how ridiculous it is to not have backups as a professional player, people s...
woxic REKT thorin
What has the world come to... guy delays a Major match because he didn't think for a moment in advance, i.e a fucking idiot, then he gets called out for being an idiot and suddenly it's such a horrend...
I don't know why anyone is surprised that Vitality is losing these games, Vitality has always been a very shakey/fragile team, they have rarely had any real consistency from tournament to tournament.
worst pro aimer?
Leaving parents at what age?
I'm 21 and I still do that, to be fair I'm attending a College about 30 minutes away. Unless your parents want you gone or there is just something really troublesome at home whether it be an issue wit...
Top10 after SS S7
Honestly, I have to give Ence credit, although they seem just like a placeholder team right now before all the top teams like FaZe and MiBR get their shit together... Ence is just so odd, they make a ...
your favorite liquor
Knob Creek Whiskey is pretty good, haven't had too much experience with Alcohol but that is pretty good.
Thoorin vs FalleN
You hear those "Let Go Liquid" chants on the only stream of the tournament? Yeah... well that is all FaZe and Ghost hear, expecting this to end 16 - 14 FaZe, FaZe will pull it back, winning 6 rounds i...