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middle finger in your country
Means the cunt your giving the middle finger is your best mate
NEW Map!
is it a reliable source?
compLexity vs Envy
delayed a hole day?
Still Vp name with these players iconic rip real cs:go fans cry about things like this. Rip forever in my memories the times of the major victory we will not forget
Envy fix
nifty doesn;t want to full awp mate thats one reason he left renegades
New Renegades
yeah hopefully soon
New Renegades
Azr is a good igl we just need a coach who can teach its hard to be a up coming igl when you don't have a coach to back you up Azr is a great leader and cant be underestimated. So i think a tactical c...
Azr is their igl
Who should host the next Major?
The next major is already being hosted by iem in katowice man first major of next year. After that iem is usually a good host so is dreamhack.
eUnited vs Renegades
there in the us mate renegades twitter
eUnited vs Renegades
who igl renegades?
Not sure if this will help you but im suffering from depression and ive managed it through talking to friends that i trust and keeping social groups - close with mates, when you start talking to them...
New Renegades lineup?
yes but our problem has always been Australia hasn't been able to produce a good igl since Spunj retired
Nifty has been there for us and we were at our darkest time so i suppose its our turn to repay our respects
what have we done to deserve this nifty plz don't go