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-nitr0 so obvious
There's still that -nitr0 +cold possibility, although MiBR are in a decent spot right now.
Faze and SK situation
This is not entirely true - flamie even paid for his own plane tickets to join the SK guys before the deal fell through.
Faze and SK situation
All good teams come to an end, eventually. Astralis was in the shitter before 2017, EnVy died, Fnatic died, VP is still dead, G2 died (after that brief period in which they were TOP2-1), NiP is... NiP...
Do you forgive sadokist?
I'm not criticizing them solely for not denouncing Sadokist. That much is understandable. I'm criticizing them because some of them have a history of outright shitting on people doing pretty much the...
Do you forgive sadokist?
Truly, applying double standards and holding inconsistent beliefs is a mark of logic and critical thinking.
Do you forgive sadokist?
I don't really care. People should be allowed to use whatever slurs they please. I do, however, find it funny how the talent circle-jerk is a bunch of hypocritical bitches - they usually join the witc...
The most hated country in the world
Outside of online matters, where Brazil is a contender, it's pretty much a three-way tie between Russia-USA-China. Well, apart from North Korea, that is. Everyone hates that country.
Name every hltv user
Felps or Fnx Which one Is better
Felps or Fnx Which one Is prettier >:3
Hentai okay?
It only matters in shit-tier countries/states.
seized > > flamie
Seized is legitimately a good guy, regardless of his performance.
I, for one, welcome our new Fnatic overlords.
Starseries s4 R2 Prediction!
As far as the entire tournament goes, I remain unconvinced by C9. FaZe, SK, G2 and Fnatic are my top 4.
Earth's not flat Never flat
TaZ was not the problem!!
He was A problem, probably the biggest one. However, him being kicked brought about OTHER issues (see pasza saying he'll retire if he doesn't perform up to standards)