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Black Bars in cs
there is a problem in the above mentioned cmd -nofbo -nomsaa in game is not running smoothly :(
Black Bars in cs
i tried checking the option using the monitor buttons that didn't help either and my friend started facing the same problem after the update
Black Bars in cs
but why do u think the problem started only after update :/
Black Bars in cs
no prior to the update i was getting no black bars on resolution of 800 x 600 but after the recent update the problem started but it got fixed now after adding the cmd in launch
Black Bars in cs
damn thanks dude that worked i added -nofbo to the launch option and now cs is normal your awesome dude thanks you really solved my problem just wanna know what this -nofbo command dose :?
CS 1.6 forever
cs 1.6 forever
Sensei or dA ?
DA rules have been using it for a long time will only change for other da or 3.0
Steelseries vs Razer
headphones - SS or sennhesier mousepads - SS Rules mouse - Razer though i wanna see what sensi can do
cl_dynamiccroshair problem
is it okie if i delete my userconfig autocfg ?
The most original CS nickname??
im cs really name is pogu and chimpy :D
sennheiser pc 350 and siberia V1
Best mouse made today?
deathadder ftw
razer Deathadder Htz help plz
hmm really confusing up till now i will tell u what config im using dpi 450 HTz 500 default windows sensi enhancer off noforce cmds no mousefix ingame sensi was 1 but 2 days back i switc...
Need some advice
Headphones - 7H Mouse - DeathaddeR ( im using it though u can see what others have to say and it also depends on your handsize ) Mousepad - Navi Edition ( as it the latest and Fnatic is old ) P...