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Liquid s1mple
that was a team with zeus on it
Taco best map Overpass
I think he also played cobblestone really well, too bad teams have been banning it
forZe vs k1ck
eZ for starix up and coming new talent
Liquid s1mple
any team that has s1mple in it cant win shit
s1mple two faced
lol hes one of the worse players on navi by his stats and he should be kicked for a solid awp like worldedit...
sunny gonna 50 bomb agasint asstrails tomorrow
Astralis vs mousesports
expected from an astralis fanboy lol you just hop off that sk train??? Hopeu ready to change ur flair to amouz flair in a few weeks
-deadweight +styko
check stats from pixlfire
-deadweight +styko
deadfox good awper
Astralis vs mousesports
lolll if u think asstrails can stand a chance against mouz think again they cant even afford a player from antoher country and mouz has 5 PLAYERS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRY PLUS COACH Snax-best shooter on...
‘Snax is Shit’
lol if snax is so good why did he get kicked from VP kid went from getting a 20k salary to fuckin mousepads. ff poor guy, and now he finally wants to perform cuz he cant get free lambos in poland all ...
Renegades vs Tainted Minds
Thats what MovieStar Riders don't have because they couldnt aim against Novas
Renegades vs Tainted Minds
>Fan of MovieStar Riders >Ability to insult other people Pick one
Rogue vs Ghost
ty <3
ill guess your rank
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