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18+ guy beat up for N word
What do you mean used to separate whites from blacks? Whites and blacks should be separate, completely different cultures and lifestyles.
First shot accuracy
Haha your talking to Euros about guns... good luck :)
That's awesome! I would love to know more.
I've come to the idea that a small mixture of socialistic ideas with capitalistic ideas can work. But the 2 things that you cant have in those systems is mass migration and a heavy welfare state.
They are executing homosexual perverts!? how dare they!
son gay what do
probably more common in europe tbh per capita anyway.
How to deal with identity issues?
Look up Jesus Christ and what he did for you. Find your purpose in him. Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me....
biggest wasted talents
Agreed! Azk was such a good all around player. And a monster in css.
Valve being obsessed over vertigo
The original maps were better than the remakes. Especially nuke and train.
Pros cheating
I said this in a previous thread but those who deny cheating ever happened probably are cheaters themselves. I personally think Valve and tournament organizers are in on it too and are well aware.
flusha cheated at some point
The ones who deny the fact that pros cheated and probably still do are closet cheaters themselves.
German shooter used 3d printer
I need gun control laws because I'm afraid one day I'll go crazy and lose my mind and shoot up innocent people in minecraft. Sarcasm ;)
UK throwback
Ahh I see.
UK throwback
I remember rattlesnake and re1ease being good UK players... what happened to them?
Brundle-fly Was a very good source player.