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Used to play alot of BF competitively, dunno why, that game is shit.
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-freddieb +Lekr0
but hes the igl
-freddieb +Lekr0
Have we been watching the same games? I'm a huge twist fan but he hasn't been playing well in this lineup at all, Hampus is way better. FreddieB is the IGL, and hes been doing alright so far.
You need to learn reading comprehension, stop going on HLTV and open a thesaurus
-Styko +who?
Where did I say anything about why he got kicked? I'm talking about what team he should join, in interviews they said they didn't like his style of calling.
-Styko +who?
idk dude maybe I watched the games?????????? I don't mean he should join mouz as an IGL, he should take Styko's role.
-Styko +who?
He was improving a lot on Gambit from his late Na'Vi days, definitely wasn't the problem with Gambit. Could see him replacing Styko or Edward
the best country in the world
ayy lmao
Sadokist cannot cast majors anymore
'The world is so hypocrite'? LUL
Sadokist cannot cast majors anymore
Well, I don't even like Sado that much, I think Dan and Bardolph are a better duo. I'm just saying his career ending over one drunk twitch stream is pretty disappointing. Do I think what he did was a...
Sadokist cannot cast majors anymore
the word you're looking for is sensitive not hypocrite btw
Sadokist cannot cast majors anymore
Seriously, don't get how this guy doesn't get that. The word has a significant meaning in the context of African-American history & culture, a very negative one at that.
Sadokist cannot cast majors anymore
Damn one N-bomb while drunk and a suicide wish, and his career is over. Don't see how it's good how we lost arguably one of the most creative casters in the scene.
Who miss 2014-15 Cs?
lol your bias is showing, 2017 most competitive year of CS without a doubt.
rain > fer ?
It's not his fault you are fucking retarded for trying to troll on HLTV forums, we here we are.
Lol olof is still really good, just not the same level from the beginning of last year. I think him and niko would actually be a sick entry duo, you're pretty much guaranteed 2 kills if you're entryin...