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Sweden worst place
And the upcoming movie "midsommar" is a documentary about a Swedish holiday. INSANE, I KNOW!!!
Bullied on gym
They wanna keep seeing you struggle and stop going to the gym. Don´t give them what they want. Be the person you want to be, not the person others want you to be.
next EU minor
The major system is broken asf. 7 out of 16 teams has only once or never played a Grand Slam level tournament and still they get to play tier 4-5 teams from asia and cis to go through to the major. M...
Mouz 2 new
100% that Mouz will wait and see what comes up on the market after the major. They won´t play any events until the major is played so why rush 2 signings
NiP roaster changes
NiP will play this roster atleast through the major. If it doesn´t go as planned I think Dennis will leave and make room for nawwk or plopski.
IGL for Faze
I believe that Seang@res could be up for the role. He is a very respectful iGL in the scene and he is very selfless wich is needed when you play with players like niko, Guardian, olofmeister. He´s eng...
I do
According to HLTV NiP are through to the finals because they have added NiP to the ECS Finals event. But im a bit confused because a 1-1 score and mouz adding +9 rounds to their R-diff (if FaZe win on...
Top 3 movies
1: Life is beautiful 2: Interstellar 3: Intouchables
New EnVy
EnvyUs -Happy -DEVIL +Scream +Shoxie Let Maniac be IGL and then play like Fnatic do. Players focus more on killing then tactics, let the coach think about that.