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FaZe Fifth? [POLL]
krimz would be perfect but i dont think he ll leave fnatic so cromen and tarik might fit cuz of the playstyle. or u can take golden to the igl role and niko can focus only killing people like this so...
Tar?k to ex-SpaceSoldiers
im pretty sure he can communicate better than 10iq ngin tho
not really. after creating tactics they re giving it a name and making it easier to understand for everyone. like if they re gonna do b execute its called Y tactic so players will play according that...
Windigo vs ex-Royal Bandits
ikr. But who knows its not like always favorite team wins if u re not astralis. So believing in windigo choke
Windigo vs ex-Royal Bandits
should be ez for windigo but somehow i have a feeling that ex-rb will win this bo3 so i hope that i ll be right
ex-Royal Bandits vs Arena Bulls
I can say Its 51/49 .if u want me to choose abulls has a slighty better chance cuz they won against ex-rb in a bo3 lan so they got the mental advantage imo
ex-Royal Bandits vs Arena Bulls
He is good but not that is better in every aspect.abulls can win this easily if they play their normal game but if mini and sasuke steps up ex-rb has a solid chance aswell so its 50/50 liter...
Arena Bulls vs coREA
abulls is pretty solid on inferno aswell. lets see who will take the series. gl to both teams.
ex-Royal Bandits vs TOA
yesterday but it wasnt on hltv
ex-Royal Bandits vs TOA
only abulls seems solid enough to compete in t3 atm
Ignite vs ex-Royal Bandits
ex-rb got this for sure.
mmorpg games
lostarkonline seems good.its not playable in na/eu yet but it will in 2019 im waiting for it just droppin the link if u re interested
ex-Royal Bandits vs TOA
Nah there is not. Im just more curious than most of the turkish fans. Follow important qualifiers and esea leagues and thats it
ex-Royal Bandits vs TOA
gl to both teams. royal bandits left the roster its ex-rb now and toa line up is not correct its gonna be (CANKU71qs, saranostra, maz, the amb ,and fabre)
Royal Bandits > Space Soldiers
sasuke clutch was sick. won them the game for sure. ex- ss is incocsisten af they need to work hard if they want a good org