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1 million dollars
im not gay but 20$ is 20$
I lost 10kg since 2018 started
Yeah,honestly you should.Im 190cm and I weighted 107kg.I cut to 80kg in 3-4 months and I lost a lot of muscle,I was doing tons of cardio and a nice diet but I wasn't really lifting.Im not giving you t...
I lost 10kg since 2018 started
Im not really into lifting but when youre cutting weight make sure you lift heavy,low reps and eat enough protein.You want to cut stored fat not your muscles.What youre doing will eat your muscles(yes...
Weed is bad
fuck you bitch dont talk shit online,and i didnt say weed is bad or anything,it is not the same for everyone.bitch
Weed is bad
been smoking weed daily for years and I can agree with the fact it makes u antisocial
[21+]Ask me anything regrading Drugs Will help anyone
how do you handle next day after doing speed and shitloads of alcohol?I feel like I wanna die literally
6000-7000€ car
BMW 535D E60,BADASS CAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRzzuawgcy4&t=25s
Quick movie tips
how old r u
how often
lol xtc 15 hours please please dont lie,maybe 4 hours if its a strong one,i have taken 10 in a night and its the most disqsting experience in my life,and mdma is the shittiest drug out there itg gives...
how often
get drunk af and take some speed and drink again ezpz,48 hours weekend marathons
my drift video
PLEASE comment and subscrieb)))
What is this girl?
move on
internet defender
No alcohol Question?
My friends are kinda hardcore they drink every weekend from friday evening to sunday morning and thats what I was doing, I got tired of it..I go sometimes and have a beer with them but nothing like th...