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Copenhagen Flames vs BLINK
cph couldn't even get close against ttc, so your logic doesn't sound right
Sinners vs DBL PONEY
Next time think when you dive in on important rounds, gj dbl poney
1WIN vs Run or Die
Actually it happens a lot, when glowiing hard carry alone, the squad still cant win. Like when other 1win players do that, they win more such games.
Young Ninjas vs fnatic Rising
yeah, that's the point, the guy isn't a good player and still many people were defending him and telling that he's got potential
Young Ninjas vs fnatic Rising
LNZ, young Swedish prodigy that didn't deserve to be cut from main nip roster, sure
Young Ninjas vs fnatic Rising
Young Ninjas vs fnatic Rising
LNZ, what a braindead move to lose the round, lol UPD: actually LNZ has lost them not one, but all ot rounds, great guy
MOUZ NXT vs Dignitas
Friberg is the reason, like its a constant 4 vs 5, and because of that all other players are trying to play more aggressively, find more peaks and stuff like that, because everyone understands that fr...
MOUZ NXT vs Dignitas
Friberg, my man, it will only get worse, just stop it already
DBL PONEY vs Unique
smelling 2-1 upset by unique here, huh
Confirmed: G2 m0nesy
Well, we'll see it soon enough
Confirmed: G2 m0nesy
Its just you know, when a great opportunity arises and you don't take it, the next time you may rush it even when the opportunity isn't that great, just because you've missed the previous one.
Confirmed: G2 m0nesy
I agree, I think that navi wins in this situation since they get money and they don't have a slot for him, monesy wins since he gets money, experience, recognition, etc. The only side I am worried ab...