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Case vs Vexed
UK CS looks elite from loosing the map from 10-2 ?
HellRaisers vs Sinners
2-0 sinners
Harden to Nets!
you are a joke, how tf nets are supposed to win 65+ games when there are only 72 games in a season ???
New twtich rule
feels like nowadays u cant say shit on twitch, lol
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
They cant ban nuke cause they dont play mirage
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Or 2-1 astralis cause s1mple wants to stream with ahrinyan asap
no actually, esport for an org is a business, and ence were hyped af, so for them it would be perfect to be consistent top5 team like navi
Dude, its your list that sucks hard, like I am a fan of Harden, but he was nowhere close to his form from past 2 seasons in the regular season, and an utter shit in post-season games, he cannot be fou...
Vitality vs Complexity
botto at his best, lol
niko malding LMAO
heroic had their momentum on both maps, but they 've lost it to retarded pistol buys, and couldn't recover after that
niko malding LMAO
ye, but liquid were miles ahead in general in the game, so the lose is well-deserved anyway
niko malding LMAO
I would be mad af as well, like 1 more sec and he would get that clutch, but instead grim decided to pick him on shift just when he was wide pickin
epic games
* 3 hours and 2 weeks
Vitality vs Complexity
4 vs 7, its unreal to win against 6-man roster and botto in your team :(
The ambition of a prison chief is to reduce the feeling of being in a prison as much as possible? Like, most people in there aren't good ones, ya know, especially in the maximum security prisons, lol,...