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20,85 € on Steam account
Get a couple of DICK stickers. good investment.
Good point I forgot about Jugi, I was thinking about CajunB but don't think he would be any better than Aizy.
I agree, removing cadian for karrigan is a sensible move. Why they had to rush through removing MSL (or remove him at all for that matter) is beyond me. Karrigan was already on his way out of faze so ...
ViCi vs North
Apparently MSL was a problem........
Top 20 players 2018: 17th
If he had played in a open qualifier would that still count? I know its slightly off topic but If a player plays in an open qualifier does that count as the major cycle? even if they fail to make it t...
MM elo system
It took me 13 wins and 1 draw in a row to rank up from MGE to DMG
samsung or iphone
Sony Xperia
feels bad for TACO
hahahaha true
Astralis 2018, the best CSGO team of all time
Nearly, Fnatic era still top for me, then Astralis, then LG/SK. This victory has just taken them above the LG/SK era for me.
feels bad for TACO
still doing better than Felps, Boltz and fnx right now though :D
Kjaerbye brings more star power, is more of a fragger but in a team like this he was never going to fit. Magisk is a great support player and far more reliable to holds and to cover angles than Kjaerb...
A teammate is Jungle looking towards palace. T starts to push and Jungle guy calls it. He's either prefiring after hearing the call or miss clicks. Either way it can be explained by the guy in jungle ...
Shoowtime Gaaaaaaaaaay
Wow, you really are a cunt.
FaZe vs G2
Anyone got a link to the English stream?