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TaZ was not the problem!!
There's a flaw in your argument. If the players must also be bored of the same maps overr and over, why do they keep picking them? I don't know if you've heard of the veto system? It's where the teams...
nip prolly lower top 10, fnatic are consistent playoff team but they really aren't getting anywhere beyond that. they look very far from actually winning anything. and godsent? that team is as dead ...
TaZ was not the problem!!
top 4 at esl new york, eleague premier, iem oakland as well as topping ecs online NA portion and several regional tournies. they have been rather consistent for the past several months...
neo noir BS > FN??
I still prefer fn, but bs is certainly good too on this skin. Hopefully the price stabilizes to a reasonable level and I will certainly pick one up
neo noir BS > FN??
Why not?
top 5 teams of all time (CS:GO)
Good first 3. Last 2 debatable but definitely understandable.
top 5 teams of all time (CS:GO)
+1 great list
SK tired + not playing focused??
What is this 2015?
sorry you right, nitro >> jks
nitro > jks nt
jugi magisk or konfig. i would like to see magisk personally
EnVyUs mixwell
hahahahahaha +3 much better
So him just getting there trumps twitzz being second best? Wut? Go home, you're drunk
SK in 2018
whatchu got against very guys? also, they'll win a couple tournaments, prolly not the major yet again. i think we are going to see a lot of upsets against them though