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Heat vs Celtics
i honestly don't know. we have the lead up to a fucking amazing series if both teams keep up their form. celtics swept through a still solid 76ers, though noticeably less so than last year, and batt...
Heat vs Celtics
let me walk it back a bit and put it this way: i am excited as hell if we get to see LA vs LA, it has been written in the books to be that way since the season began. HOWEVER, after seeing the clipp...
Heat vs Celtics
as much as i want to see clips vs the lakers, i hope to the basketball gods that the nugs complete the comeback. the clippers haven't put in the time, effort, or passion this entire season, scraping ...
top 5 overpaid teams
make it top 7 and add faze and OG
Potter Casting
she was fantastic for regular season pro league. her and machine casting the online matches was very entertaining, and I think they both did a great job. her only issue was ESL at the time trying to...
-nitr0 +????
if that were the case though, he should be getting better considering the lack of lans over the past few months. except, they are just getting worse as a team. i know online and lan are quite differ...
Epic Rio major final
not really sure Astralis will be going in favorites with the roster situation currently. have to see more and how glaive returns before we can say much
-nitr0 +????
please don't tell me you believe this. Even their lan results were lackluster since the player break before the major. even their strongest fans need to recognize there are serious problems in the t...
Stewie best paid in NA?
LOL you baiting fuck pretty much everyone said Elige in that video
Stewie best paid in NA?
the only argument for best NA player is between Brehze and Elige. Most skilled, maybe add in Naf and Twistzz, but who actually shows up regularly and performs it's only those first two. Since the st...
nah man, this liquid is not getting back to top 1. last summer was great, we can think back on that for good times, but it is not coming again like that unless serious changes are made. it's not jus...
aimlocks are back
Do I think no one has ever cheated and gotten away with it, even at T1? not really. I was pretty much full on the flusha "banwaggon" back in the day. But all of these people saying cheating is rampa...
aimlocks are back
0/8 Also, the moon landing was real, 9/11 was not an inside job, lizard people are not secretly controlling the universe. I figure you are all just the same big group of people who buy their tinfoil...