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There were a few, but it really wasnt anything terrible. Mandzukic(?) had a hard collision with the keeper, he was definitely hurt, and he was the only one really "wasting time", which btw the ref let...
I think he is talking about euro 2016, where portugal upset france in the final
Astralis won’t win ECS Finals!
Normally yes, but with a standin im not so sure. Regardless, i doubt we will have to worry about either
Astralis won’t win ECS Finals!
at a stacked tournament, sure. but who da fuck are gonna beat them here?! faze? stand in and low chance to begin with fnatic? on a decline for awhile and weird roster move liquid? can't seem to finis...
if you want to see grown men throwing the biggest fits go watch MLB fights. they are ridiculous and more often then not completely groundless. The littlest thing will cause them to charge the mound....
[18+] rate her
not a big fan of that "dead inside" look
Why Americans are so everything
...What the fuck are you even trying to say? First you mention mexican immigration, then immediately start talking about percentage of different european ancestry making people lazy and stupid? What?
FaZe never won SK
When you have nothing else to desparately cling to...
IEM Shitney
Group A is looking to be as big of a joke as it seemed after the draw. The 3 "favorites" are teams that have only been getting worse and worse this year, while group B has the 3 teams that have been ...
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
LOL actually pretty close!
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Yeah, after he wins mvp. 69 kills in 2 map series...
+1, didn't improve my skill much at all, but more pleasant experience
ENCE laugh thread
Where did this "ence is actually good" meme even come from? Is it like hunden? So bad it becomes good?
I just won 22700 on Godsent
He did indeed. All i meant was it was the second time i saw it
I just won 22700 on Godsent