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Who is still playing MM?
fun trying to grind ranks. I work full time and go to school (uni) part time, so i might only get a chance to play a game or two every other week. Therefore i don't have the time or skill to really ...
contain*, not release. what they do with the energy can be radically different. but they do contain the same amount of raw energy
esl one new york 2019 = big event?
terminology leaves too much ambiguity. i feel like we need something such as in tennis with the grand slams - ATP 1000 - 500 - 250 etc. i would say NY is just below the biggest events but much bette...
nerf krieg
i know its not a hard weapon to get the hang of. it is just something about the fire rate that throws me off. its entirely a non-tangible "feeling" thing for me that just isn't working well. i've...
ESLiquid, Majorstralis, Evil Groupstages
astralis. liquid's major choke curse > liquid's esl charm. plus it might be awhile before there is another esl major
ESLiquid, Majorstralis, Evil Groupstages
we share ideas during our intimate sessions
2015 All over again
it is an interesting comparison. this will be an interesting event to see which of liquid/eg/astralis comes out on top. This should be an entertaining top 3 for the next couple months hopefully
Frankie is a meme?
pansy hate was undeserved towards the later years. she started off really rough, but improved pretty drastically in my opinion. but it seemed everyone else's was already set.
#1 player of 2019 leaked
hunden? is that meme still alive?
0 kills hahah
that is almost impressive. discounting any deaths to utility, he lost 22 straight duels. fitting that railway was run over by train.
nerf krieg
i would be happy with it at $2850, half way between the ak and what the old price was. i used to use it even at the old price pretty frequently, so i obviously think it was good even at that price, b...
nerf krieg
its been a great gun the whole time, everyone just wrote it off as a "cod" gun and avoided it for some reason. i've been using it since i started playing in 2014 and have loved it the whole time. i...
no one likes liquid
liquid is a great story, not sure why everyone hates them so much. been following nitro since his ibp stint, elige when he was first picked up by elevate way back in the day, and the team as a brand ...
Liquid will win ESL NY
really wish it would've been a liquid/astralis final. alas, a liquid/nrg or astralis/nrg final should still be entertaining
Top 10 IGL in csgo
6/7 nice b8