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I hardly even play CSGO or watch it anymore I just come on here to argue with liberals and give and get shit advice from other losers all over the world :P
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Is it worth?
How much money do you have? If you don’t have other expenses and have some extra cash go for lt. with shoes look at the price as price per wear so if you wear 150 times it cost 1€ per time worn and if...
different kinds of immigrants
Middle East immigrants are amazing the refugees are shit
different kinds of immigrants
give a white/asian man a pile of bricks and he will make it a city, give a black man a city and he will make it a pile of bricks. Always the same happens, whitey gives land to blacks, blacks destroy ...
different kinds of immigrants
I have this Japansse food restaurant (ran by Chinese lol) it’s so fucking good it’s insane and it’s super cheap. There is also this Chinese restaurant near me and I used to go all the time and the la...
It’s great especially with vodka I think it tastes a little better than red bull tbh but I don’t think I would really drink it unless it’s with vodka.
different kinds of immigrants
Don’t put them in ghettos lmao and that’s assuming the areas weren’t ghettos before they came? They make the areas ghetto lmao
Size of Cityes
Edge of huge city, not quite suburbs but also not quite city
I love Argentina
Fak I aren’t known this facts
I love Argentina
Feelsbadman I thought you would be proud of me :(
different kinds of immigrants
They are the minority of African immigrants though, I believe Muslims and Asians do it but Africans nah
I will fix your country
Lmao I hate them for using us as slaves for their gains
Sweden tax
Line Jewish pockets
different kinds of immigrants
The thing is when the majority of African immigrants are causing problems that’s a problem that needs to be stopped.
different kinds of immigrants
I’ll be honest most Arab immigrants here in the states are good atleast where I live. Most of them work hard and live good lives here. But I guess we get the best ones because it’s much harder to get ...