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GuardiaN top 10 ?
he shouldt be at the top10 list but if you look at the other awpers like fallen kenny jw etc. i think he is gonna be top10
Top 3 Players for each weapon
if you guys dont think lekro is the deag god , they you dont know a shit about cs
NiP vs Space Soldiers
space soldiers like nip's anti team especially on bo1s
flusha to NiP
nip doesnt need flusha tho they re doing really well lately.i hope they just keep the line up
NiP vs Astralis
2-1 in favour of nip,last map gonna be train and 16-14 , mark my words
NiP vs Nordavind
Gonna be tough for sure .. Hard to be a nip fan nowadays
NiP vs Space Soldiers
faze is already qualifed m8
G2 vs NiP
aww guess i was wrong thx.its still tough but its time to unleash the magic,we havent really seen them offline tournaments and it hurts
G2 vs NiP
vp have to 2-0 g2 and also nip have to 2-0 g2 then nip off.. really small hope
CSGO500 scam?
when you start winning your bets then the developers gonna make you lose .. that site sux
Maikelele play with cheater (FREDDyFROG)
he just ran in to his crosshair
Space Soldiers vs Envy
calyx gonna play awp on ct side and i dont think they re gonna play awp on t side if they start well as a t . finally space soldiers got chance to get to big tournaments without despe
NiP vs
not sure he is gonna be fit on riffle role in nip,i dont think the problem is the players,its all about teamplay.nip is the most predictable team in the whole world i guess,so this is the problem imo
NiP vs Space Soldiers
nip is really bad agains this kinda talented players(xantares,calyx,paz ofc. fuck despe :p ) , gonna be a fun game
Kinguin vs Space Soldiers
paz ?