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league of legends
ryze is kinda hard for new ppl, if you wanna play mid you should try some "easy" champs: ziggs, lux, annie
Honest opinion about new D2
well, as far as i could see, there is no rework that could change how the map is played. if you compare with inferno and nuke, both maps had reworks that changed the game a lot. i'm not saying that i ...
New Dust 2 SUCKS
12000 pesos argentinos = 2196.09 reales
New Dust 2 SUCKS
well i live in south america and i can tell you that not everyone can get a good pc. for example, im argentinian but tech is cheaper for us in chile and paraguay. getting a fcking 144hz cost $12000 p...
New Dust 2 SUCKS
don't be ignorant. the fact that you can get a good pc doesn't mean everyone can. diferent countries, diferent economies, diferent access to technology
where are the chileans? oh sorry..i didn't mean to.. kappa
Was banned for nothing
me and everyone posting on this th. so, are we all wrong or just you?
Was banned for nothing
wait what? i don't know if you are so stupid or just a troll. can't decide
Was banned for nothing
what's your problem with gay ppl? i mean when i was younger i didnt get it. but dude they are ppl just like you.. diferent, buy a human like you. why would you hate them for being diferent?
World cup 2018
valencia can't play this match
Argentina vs Perú
i think you are right about pretty much every but argentina. we wont win, sadly. i think is going to be a tie. they are not playing well, their heads are a mess. too much pressure, even for messi. and...
Argentina vs Perú
well mate, benedeto had 4 chances against PERU. he couldn't score... why the fck alario was not call? PD: come back higuain, we forgive you
NA cops (18+)
maybe the cop didnt know what the guy stole from his belt in that moment, that's why he fired. i mean come on guys. think what you would do if you are a cop and a suspect who dont obey you, steal some...
Will cs die?
1.6 was more fun to play AND watch. feelsbadman
F8kC U brazilians
this guy should be already banned