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Poland, what is it?!
sadly its not
crowd cheat
They got 1000$ Bose A20 Aviation Headset, they cant hear sh*t
PC Open Beta Weekend
gotta make preorder, no blackout tho edit: open beta @ 11.08
Your Dog?
I got small, black mutt, called him Scooter, in honor of great musican.
[proof] fortnite is for kids
it has good netcode and optimalization but its nowhere near to pubg in terms of shooting, tactics etc. Building structures its way too much for me. 30 yrs here
#TeamPonczek THE TRUTH
but rest of them did. calm down or I call your mum
#TeamPonczek THE TRUTH
fuck ponczek and his alcohol habits, who the fuck signs paper that he is drunk and he wont be able to play few hours laters ffs
VP_BnTeT is happening
dont you have a life?
imagine, there is no on-the-fly bridge building in real life ; O
you mean building a bridge while running? Sounds like simulation. Come on, even Fortnite players can admit that the game is much more casual than PUBG.
admit that PUBG is to hard for you, u gotta use ur brain there, not just jump and shoot in that colorful wonderland
got 3k hours CSGO and I fall in love with pubg, especially while playing with teammates. you can get a key for around 18$ on polish Allegro site. I bought one for my UK friend and he activated without...
PUBG is dying
they gonna make special launcher for China, add new map, 3 weapons and you'll see 4mln before end of the year
fun coop games
VP is disgrace
stop treating them like a fucking national treasure, go back to your homework kid.