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Dutch people please help
if you think you'd enjoy more academic/theoretical education, you should go for it. but don't feel obliged to try to go to uni if you like practical education more
It is not Jkaem's fault that Renegades lost against Mouz
you can't hear that shit with such a crowd
It is not Jkaem's fault that Renegades lost against Mouz
retards need someone to blame
ninja viewbotting
tpp is a big problem for me too. i tried fortnite but just really couldn't get into it. but it's no problem, csgo and pubg are enough for me to sink my time in to :P
Nifty overrated?
i think after a map like that it's justified to go insane about him for a while :P
Renegades vs mousesports
yeah for sure, only real weakness they have at this point
Renegades vs mousesports
meh, can't really blame them for how they lost that, especially nifty's frag on chris
Avengers 3: Infinity War
avengers 4 will prob be about how they somehow reverse this stuff, i mean there are already new spiderman and dr strange movies planned
"Gade revealed the reason he was always so frustrated and negative was because the “tone of my voice” and said that I wasn’t fit for competitive gaming." sounds like a nice, reasonable guy
Astralis BM
they weren't even remotely upset either (only zonic maybe), super confident :D
Niko top 1?
group stage: 2.06, 1.20, 1.52, 1.24, 1.72 playoffs: 0.55, 0.61
twitch logic
oh i'm not just talking about mouz, even in this game everytime someone from navi dies it's the same shit godj top1 btw :P
twitch logic
ik it's my own fault :P
Infity War
i watched black panther last night to get in the mood :D