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Black Panther Oscar
I really liked it, but in no way is it better than, for example, Infinity War. Maybe they could've nominated Michael B. Jordan individually, he was really good.
Device laugh thread
hahahahaha he got #2 in the world and won a fuckton of events and money what a loser hahahaha.. oh wait
Into the wild
Yeah I watched it a long time ago when I was much younger.. Still remember a lot of scenes..
juliano bm valiance :DDD
I love how everyone is interpreting your comment as if you said she's a better player than them :P
csgo facts?
I think it's honestly waaay less than even 1%. On hltv the vast majority already doesn't, and the vast majority of cs players is not on hltv :P
mousesports vs Valiance
They were so looow D:
Hltv mathematicians
here i assume you mean 1/n, with n a natural number, otherwise you can't speak of a sequence or series to begin with lol
Hltv mathematicians
of course the sequence converges, the SERIES however doesn't
CS getting boring
play with friends maybe? then you can just chat etc. when you're dead
funny, i feel the exact opposite haha. maybe i will stop liking after a while just like pubg but for now i'm enjoying it :D
tried to play it just now. what an absolute pile of trash. don't know how i actually enjoyed that shit in the past. i like ring of elysium tho
S1mple vs Dev
i hope s1mple but think device will win, cos navi was shit at the end of the year :(
Ya'll like the BR mode?
I love that it exists and will reserve judgement about the actual gameplay until after the initial changes/tweaks that will probably happen
its 10 :26 in Washington so vavle workers
it's 10:26 in dc, not washington state :P
AEK Athens / Ajax fans come
I vaguely remember reading that that used to happen in the netherlands but then someone died in one of those fights or smth