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Japan Joins NATO
did u just asume japans geography? fking racist
[*] sad :/
alles scheiße alles dreck eine bombe alles weg
German Football
gob b>cold deal with it
Entry fraggers could you name for me
nip friberg :((((((((((((
Science Islam
and what ? i can call u a piece of shit even before sciences finds out that u are one call me god bitch
Science Islam
u childhood was a mess feelsbadman but i cant realy hate fags like u cuz ur parents made u a fag by believing in bullshit
Science Islam
hahaha like one fat kid telling another that the rest is bulling them cuz they are jealous
Science Islam
hahahahha nice bait
Le Pen VS Macron
-fnx +felps
internet explorer
Voted 4 Trump
"shouldn't be like Germany where our college education is equal to a highschool education" U mad cuz u have to pay for shit education?
HLTV full of twofaced kids
and my comment in short : let them be twofaced and laugh at their lack of self awarness
HLTV full of twofaced kids
so what exactly does sharing "real face" help me ? Do I visit this site to make friends ? And if these fuckers want to feel good about them self what does it bother you if they cant see their simpli...
SK tier 2? they have shown it but u could also point to simple and navi then they won their first event. Having said this i think navi i...