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top 2018 awpers so far
Skadoople numba won
I guess your name /
not even close what kinda fucking name is mel
I guess your name /
1100 C9
everyone won a major
good bait but we all came from africa as op said so africa is the only country that won a major retard. i guess they dont teach reading comprehension skills in discount denmark
am i ugly? 0/8
not ugly but you also arent pretty sorry i suggest getting plastic surgery and turning yourself into a korean pop star :)
Best NA Player
Best NA team imo: Skadoodle Stewie2k Autimatic Rush Tarik if u put those 5 together I think they could even win major.
TOP 5 Rappers
never heard of them but the thing that impresses me about brockhampton isn't really them pushing boundaries it's just the sheer amount of music they put out in 2017 that was so fucking good. Their alb...
TOP 5 Rappers
1. Ameer Vann 1. Dom McLennon 1. Kevin Abstract 1. Merlyn Wood 1. Matt Champion 5 way tie for first imho.
Nik0 and cold
yeah Coldzera has 77 woodcutting and Niko has 83 fishing so I see what you mean
League of Legends
I've been playing league for a couple years now and I know it took me like 6 months before I knew what almost every champion did. You really just have to play more games, watch people who are better t...
Best pornstars
Pick Up Lines
I am not sure. I haven't really weighed myself lately. I think so though.
Pick Up Lines
I have never met a girl who would respond positively to anything in this thread. unless she was already thirsting for you anyway. the best way to pick up a girl is to eliminate any man she is interes...
C9 is not Gambit
event only
C9 is not Gambit
c9 consistent top 4 team, not consistent win tier 1 events imo. they can win any event but they also can lose to any of g2/astralis/sk/faze at any time. i think there is top 2 faze/sk. g2/c9/astralis...