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pros no one remember
pros no one remember
r8 german rap
because rap is pleb music for low iq retards, at least has been for like 20 years now
best middle east/north africa country
lol'd at turkey xd
Muslims come here
i'd rather be disrespectful than watch people being stupid fucking slaves
Muslims come here
you need stupid bearded scholars to decide for you whether to consume fucking amino acids or not, get a life for fucks sake, this is just sad and pathetic. islam = brainwashing
Your favorite mod
+1 1.6 deathrun was amazing
Share racist thoughts
noone thinks that but it's funny to see your reactions
Share racist thoughts
they dont make threads here because they wont get lots of recognition whenever the discussion comes up you'll see turks calling kurds 'k*rds', crying about syrians in instanbul, etc while europeans a...
Share racist thoughts
average muslim arab is more hateful than any eastern EU guy will ever be, yet you lick their asses while hating poles idiot
Share racist thoughts
turks are racist against kurds and arabs all the time but noone cares, nice double standards
germans explain
these people are literally lower than monkeys
it should be in everyones interest to keep any islamic doctrine out of europe, if islam took over europe they'd at one point start migrating to rich asian countries and ruin those places as well musl...
juliano likes black guys
Girls want their vaginas to get stretched with huge cocks, blacks have huge cocks.
germany crime statistics 2017 -9,6%
highest DECREASE from one year to the following year you stupid moron really gets to show how bullshit biased statistics are being spread to manipulate stupid people into believing certain ideas