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Which country would u nuke?
if i was forced i'd nuke afghanistan or saudi arabia
London tips
probably terrorist attack like every month
Europe and immigrants
nice maybe one day the polaks will take over and kick out 3rd gen illegal immigrants brought in by merkel and company
right wing low education
siehst ja was heute wieder in köln passiert ist, aber solche vorfälle sind für dich wahrscheinlich opfer die man bereitwillig bringt, solange man weiterhin anderen die eigene moralische überlegenheit ...
right wing low education
you'll get triggered once you realize that the leftist peanut brain policies of the last few years will have no place in the future of europe, go look at what's happening in other countries. wir kön...
right wing low education
yeah somewhere in bawü because you're too big of a coward to post the actual city and let me expose your stupid lies
right wing low education
right wing low education
what city?
right wing low education
no you won't some random dude working in large scale industry will earn more than the average green simpleton who has trouble finding a job after finally finishing his worthless degree it's also fun...
right wing low education
green party voters get the highest average salary? do you even read the bs that you're typing before you click 'post'?
right wing low education
*people who have been studying political science for 30 semesters vote green party
trump is a good leader
zionism is just support for a jewish state and israel is the greatest country in the middle east so i don't see the problem by that definition i'm basically a zionist too since i'd rather have israel...
Respect Trump
hahahhaha that voice shift at 0:40 lmaoo
pretend you are muslim and you can go to germany
erdogan fanboys interviewed by AfD politician
i'm sure you're a blessing and a gift to swedish society