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Its just sad bruh, csgo community is at the lowest level of any games in the world. Look, 3 innocent guys think my flag is real. Just rip csgo, rip, too easy to believe in what they see. They might th...
My flag is real, nehi nehi syala lala nehi nehi
FaZe vs Heroic
How much?
U think so? I dont think so
Nordavind vs SJ
So u said nordavind 2-0 now u say another thing without any prove, then what else tomorrow? Kid, just wake up
Nordavind vs SJ
Dont bet kid, ull be poor
Nordavind vs SJ
I cant wait for the best riggie riggie magicalie pausie of lootbet Lootbet, made for live betting
AGO vs Nemiga
Wtf this match is so good, nemiga is so pro, can do comeback!!! Its not rigged!!! Horishyeeeeeeet, its a real thing!!
AGO vs Nemiga
Lootbet, made for live betting
Sprout vs Vitality
Dunno why sprout play like in a damn big pressure, theyre shaking, maybe nervous, or something, their champ mentality r so low
Athletico vs Paradox
They build a good odds first then paradox will start to comeback, and when they won, for whoever say its rigged, theyll just say this is ath's worst map
Chaos vs SJ
Lootbet, the tourney where u will see 80% comeback, because never give up will lead u to the top! Lootbet, made for live betting.
AGO vs Nordavind
In loot bet, ez live odds will always there, comebacks r like 75% guaranteed in this tourney, so be wise on ur money
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Winstrike
Nah, lootbet sabotaged it to create a new script bcz winstrike was ruining it. Ohh you must be a lootbet's employee to clarify any of people bad opinion about lootbet. Busted!!
DreamEaters vs Nemiga
Big one? Hahhahaha dude, okay, lets say its a big one (in our dream), so what a big one company reason, to stick with a team, which is almost 100 years never reach tier 1 match up? And how great nemig...