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Answer is 441 So boxes can have numbers 10, 12, 14, ..., 98 The cups that are placed on them can be 5k, 6k, 7k, ...,49k where k is between 0 and infinity To achieve max number on a box you need a hig...
fnatic vs Space Soldiers
*in semi-final to be exact
fnatic vs Space Soldiers
Well it’s 6:45 in turkey. And if ss wins semi-final, i’ll set my alarm to watch this
Space Soldiers vs GODSENT
Güzel ama ingiliççe
SpaceS and woxic story
Paz usually takes awp on cobble ct, and he is really good with it. But ss has a weak ct side on cobble and if they lose pistol round then not having a good economy affects them a lot.
6/2(1+2) = ?????
He considered the equation like this 6/(2(1+2)) = 9 Then multiplied both sides with (2(1+2))/9 Which is clearly wrong since the title is not this equation
6/2(1+2) = ?????
Just out of curiosity Do you really suck at math or are you just another baiter
fnatic 2015 or sk 2017 ?
Yeah because fnatic dominated the scene. Competition occurs when the top team fails to dominate
If i remember correctly at the last interview ngin said that paz will definitely play at the major qualifier
Top 1 Player in 2017?
Super Kappa
404 logic not found. Immigration is not even close concept to invasion.
vp should, if they want to go epl
Space Soldiers vs Binary Dragons
U.S visas usually have very long validity, for example a friend of mine has a U.S visa and it can be used for the next 10 years. Afaik maximum validity limit is way much higher than schengen visa.
Space Soldiers vs Binary Dragons
ss already have their visas that’s why it’s not a problem for them. Atleast for now. If this political clutter doesn’t resolve, ss won’t be able to get in US once their visas expired.
FaZe Lucky
Argue ??? How can someone argue with you when you don’t even give counter examples, all you do is insulting other people